Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bohemian Style

Shirt: Vince  Vest: Premise  Shorts: Joe's  Shoes: Unlisted  Sunglasses: Ray Ban  
Watch: Michael Kors  Necklaces: Nordstrom  Ring: Vintage

My style tends to be pretty conservative, but sometimes I just want to put flowers in my hair and throw on some jean shorts. There is something so refreshing about the bohemian style. I tend to go for more classic pieces, but sometime's it's fun to play with layering and accessories. Lately I've been drawn to really oversized pieces, like this flowy Vince top and my favorite draped vest. I had a lot of fun experimenting with this style and getting to try out some new accessories. For jewelry I really love big statement pieces like men's watches, chunky rock rings, and long gold necklaces. Take a look at your closet and try layering some pieces you normally wouldn't think go together. It's a great way to reinvent your wardrobe and create new looks.

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