Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pool Party

Cover Up: Make + Model  Bathing Suit: Vix  Bangle: Banana Republic  
Sandals: Dolce Vita  Sunglasses: Vintage

There are two things I believe in: fashion and fun. When I find an event that combines those two things I'm in heaven. On a gorgeous So-Cal Sunday, in January, I was able to have an impromptu pool party complete with a giant human-sized bubble. I got in and tried not to fall all over the place, which is not an easy feat. Sometimes you just have to push yourself and your sense of fashion and try something new. For the pool party I went with a lace fringe cover up complete with giant bangle and my favorite Vix bathing suit. I normally don't go for patterns, fringe, or neon orange sunglasses for that matter, but it felt really fun to try something new while wearing something I wouldn't normally wear. Fashion should always be fun. Don't forget to step outside your bubble and try something new!

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