Tuesday, October 2, 2012

City Spotlight: London

(One of My Favorite Mottos)

(City Views of London)

(Strolling Through a Park by Russel Sqaure)

(Amazing Lamb Pie from The Defectors Weld)

(View of the Thames and the London Eye)

(Clever Scaffolding Coverage)

London is just one of those cities that has everything: fashion, food, nightlife, art, architecture, and an eclectic vibe as diverse as the people who live there. I think it's this combination that makes London one of the best cities to visit. There really is something for everyone, whether it's the British Museum, trying one of London's amazing restaurants, or walking through Hyde Park. Personally I couldn't get enough of the museums, architecture, and of course the fashion. The great thing about London fashion is that you can try any trend you want there. You could wear a neon tweed jacket with leather pants or a classic navy trench with bright red heels and feel comfortable.

The main trends I really loved were bright colors, prints, studs, and edgy footwear. The British are not afraid to add some serious color to their look including red, pink, green, and yellow. They utilize bright colors in coats, shoes, or bags and pair them with black or neutral additional pieces. The bag to have in London was a bright colored leather messenger bag. I couldn't walk a block without seeing one. I also noticed a lot of stud embellishments on clothes and shoes. Of course the color black still reigns supreme, as it seemingly does all over Europe, but it was refreshing to see an edge and some color added to the mix. Dresses with tights and ankle boots with heels were the clear favorite at night. By far the most popular footwear were heels in bright red and converse!

I loved the way the the London girls would mix together prints, colors, and trends to create an exceedingly cool, edgy look. London is every fashionable girl's dream city. If you get a chance to go make sure you take some of your more trendy pieces including black leather, bulky jewelry, and a bright coat or accessory. In London there is always a style occasion.

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