Friday, August 24, 2012

Birthday Party!

Dress: Vince  Shoes: Glint  Necklace: Tasha

Birthdays are absolutely my favorite occasions! Though my birthday isn't for a few weeks, I decided to celebrate early since I'm heading to Italy soon. I've always loved to get really dressed up on my birthday. This year I decided to match my pink and grey theme by wearing a silver dress by Vince. I fell in love with the shiny material and the shift-like style of the dress. You always have to sparkle on your birthday so I threw on some great party shoes and a statement necklace. For the party we decided to do a nice dinner with everyone having their own place at a set table. For the flowers we used pink roses, star gazers, mums, and a little greenery. I always use short vases with bunched flowers so that people can see each other while they're eating. Balloons are a must for any birthday party and  always look great in photographs. I was lucky enough to have my mother make me an extraordinary chevron three-tiered cake with a pink fondant peony. For extra touches I added some pearls and candles to the table. It was an exceptional birthday party and I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful people to celebrate with!

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